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Our laminates come with anti-microbial feature to provide continuous protection by inhibiting the growth of microbes on the surfaces. Microbes are microscopic organisms that are too small to be seen with bare eyes.

use & care guide

Lamitak laminates are durable, abrasion resistant and impact resistant under normal use. To better care for your laminates:

  • Do not chop, slice, or hammer directly on the laminate surface.
  • Do not use sharp objects such as knives or box-cutters on the laminate surface.
  • Do not place hot cookware directly on the laminate surface.
  • Do not expose the laminate to temperatures above 60°C for prolonged periods, which may cause the laminate to separate from the substrate
  • Do not flood the laminate or introduce water at joints, which may cause the substrate to expand.


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Our laminates are easy to clean:

  • Use warm water and a clean non-abrasive cloth to remove most stains.
  • Use a mild household cleaner or detergent if necessary and rinse with clean water
  • Dry the surface with a clean non-abrasive cloth.

Special attention may be required for stubborn stains - apply a small amount of thinner on a clean non-abrasive cloth to gently remove stain and rinse the area with another clean damp cloth. Avoid using any cleaning agent containing acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite, as they may corrode, discolour or ruin the surface of the laminate.


Newedge available

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  • Denotes Newedge™ edgebands are available.

Vertical application

  • Denotes laminate is best applied vertically
  • Due to special treatments on these laminates, constant abrasion to the surface may affect its finish.

Best viewed in large format

  • Recommended viewing the sample in large format.
  • Certain design details of the laminate may not appear in the catalogue sample.

surface finishes

C, E, K, X
High Glossie


Green Label Singapore certification, or low emissions and low toxicity.
Lamitak has been issued TÜV SÜD Certification as it has demonstrated compliance to international standards.
Lamitak has achieved GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality.
 Lamitak has achieved Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certificate by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

class '0' fire rating

Lamitak laminates are Class ‘0’ Fire Rated certified by TÜV SÜD PSB under BS476 Part 6 & 7 standards. Kindly contact us for a certificate.

Lamitak laminates

  • Typically conform to the requirements of ISO 4586.
  • Are 1220mm x 2440mm x +/- 0.7mm (4.0ft x 8.0ft) [+/-10%] unless otherwise stated.
  • Are selectively available in 1220mm x 3050mm x +/- 0.7mm (4.0ft x 10.0ft) [+/- 10%].
  • Are in 1mm thickness [+/- 10%] for all high gloss laminates, with the exception of GPC laminates.
  • Postforming grade is available on an indent basis only.

buyers safeguard

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All our laminate designs are crafted and fine-tuned to the slightest detail. Insist on the original and be certain of its authenticity. We recommend checking your finished product against the samples in this Lamitak portfolio. Alternatively, you may request for sample laminate chips at any of our offices.


Kindly inspect all products prior to installation. We warrant solely to the original Buyer that the products will be free from defects in materials under guidelines of ISO 4586 – Part 1 & 2 and NEMA Standards, when given normal, proper and intended usage, and limit to the extent of the cost of product only for a period of 3 years from the date of sale to the Buyer. Lamitak is wholly owned by TAK Products and Services Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.